European parliament shows strong support for a net zero target by 2050

The European Parliament adopted on 17 January its position on the EU’s Energy Union Governance Regulation. Whilst only a step in the legislative process of the EU, the Parliament’s vote lent strong political support to the development of an ambitious long-term decarbonisation pathway for the Union, which is the third largest emitter of GHG globally.

By a large majority, the European Parliament asked the European Commission, the executive body of the EU, to produce a long-term decarbonisation plan by 1st January 2019 in line with a net-zero emissions target by 2050. Emissions would have to reach negative territory soon after. The long-term plan would be revised every 5 years in light of technological, economic and scientific developments. This plan would upgrade the EU’s current long-term target of 80-95% reduction by 2050.

Negotiations between EU institutions and Member States will now start to define the final position of the European Union.

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