SB50: Long-term strategies at the Bonn intersessional


In Bonn at the UNFCCC intersessional, taking place from June 17-28, the 2050 Pathways Platform will be co-convening two side events on long-term strategies:

Long-term strategies in the international political context

When: Thursday, 20th June, 13:15-14:45
Where: Room Bonn
Who: Chile, Costa Rica, UN Secretary General’s team, 2050 Pathways Platform, UNFCCC

Long-term strategies (LTS) are increasingly seen as a metric for national climate ambition as a growing number of countries and non-state actors come forward with their 2050 plans. LTS will feature in key political moments in 2019, from the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit to COP25. 

This panel discussion will bring together representatives from the leads of some of these major international events. Participants will frame the current global status of long-term strategies and give insight into their national processes for setting long-term goals.  

Long-term strategies and how to get all of society involved

When: Tuesday, 25th June, 18:30-20:00
Where: Room Bonn
Who: European Commission, South Africa, Costa Rica, International Trade Union Confederation, the B Team, Business Europe, 2050 Pathways Platform

In order to be robust and successful, long-term strategies must be based on an inclusive, whole-of-government, civil society and business consultation process. The side event will bring together key constituencies who play an important role in the acceptance of these transformational strategies, along with government representatives that have gone through extensive consultation processes. 

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