Portugal Submits LTS to UN

Days before the UN Climate Action Summit, Portugal submitted its long-term strategy to the UN Climate Change Secretariat, becoming the 13th city to do so. The strategy aims for carbon neutrality by 2050.

João Pedro Matos Fernandes, Portugal’s Minister of the Environment and Energy Transition, said in the introduction to the strategy:

“Achieving carbon neutrality implies changing from a linear, fossil fuel-based economic model to a circular, carbon-neutral model. It implies a profound transformation of society as we know it. This is a process that brings challenges, but above all opportunities, and only with everyone’s contribution will be possible to operate a just and cohesive transition.
We have no time to hesitate. We can be flexible in solutions, but we cannot have margin on the set goals. Effective and ambitious
climate action is key.
We must act before it is too late. The path to carbon neutrality is the path of the future.”


Read the 2050 Carbon Neutrality Roadmap for Portugal here in English and here in Portugese.

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