Call for proposals to assess costs and benefits of Jamaica’s Long-term Emission Reduction and Climate Resilient Strategy

Jamaica’s long-term low-emission development strategy (LT-LEDS) sets the country‘s economy-wide net zero development ambition and climate resilience aspirations for 2050, including milestones over time that set stepping stones toward the end goal. The strategy sets a framework for the country to pursue further development aspirations in the context of a changing climate and increases global measures to transition to a net-zero future. It also encompasses consideration of matters such as loss and damage, just transition, gender, and action for climate empowerment of Jamaica’s society.

The Government of Jamaica has expressed interest in analysing the costs and benefits of the LT-LEDS. A cost-benefit analysis will provide a key basis for the strategy’s justification in the context or national development priorities and allow a general prioritisation of its components to maximise development and climate benefits and inform strategies to manage costs and risks.  

In response to this interest, the 2050 Pathways Platform is providing support for the development of this analysis to cover the whole LT-LEDS and is seeking to hire an expert consultant firm to help with this effort. 


    • Assess both financial and non-financial benefits, considering a broad definition of development benefits, including social, economic, and environmental aspects. The analysis will require assessing key sensitivities and uncertainties.
    • Identify key opportunities and challenges regarding the delivery of the LT-LEDS, highlighting sectoral transformations that are essential to achieving the net zero goal, those that increase risks of carbon lock-in and maladaptation, and those that are essential to maximizing the transition’s net development benefits.
    • The analysis should take the different perspectives of consumers, firms, the government, and the nation as a whole when computing costs and benefits so that there can be an understanding of the distribution of costs and benefits across Jamaican society.
    • The analysis should actively consider the perspective of different local stakeholders and experts.

Candidates can access the full Terms of Reference for this assignment by clicking here. This document includes further details about the assignment’s scope and expected deliverables as well as candidate requirements and how to apply.

Please send your expression of interest to apply for this project to the 2050 Pathways Platform Secretariat at by no later than 06 May 2024, stating the following in the subject of the email, “Assessing Cost and Benefits of Jamaica’s Long-Term Low-Emission Development Strategy”.

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