3-4 April 2017 – Meeting of Partners

Partners to the 2050 Pathways platform met in Pocantico, New York, to discuss how to best support members in their endeavour to develop 2050 pathways. The meeting covered issues ranging from the need for a Handbook for 2050 pathways as well as developing a briefing to articulate with illustration the political case for development of 2050 pathways.

It was also pointed out to the wealth of knowledge that already exists on developing long-term plans and it was suggested to carry out a mappying of the different stages of development of 2050 plans in members and other countries.

The meeting also deliberated on more logistical questions as well as how partners are going to engage in different geographies based on their strenghts.

Finally one of the key questions that emerged was how to best make use of and promote the idea of verticality, whenever a country, regions as well as cities in the same geography start developing 2050 plans.


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