2050 Pathways Platform membership letter

[government letterhead]  


To: Laurence Tubiana 

Convener, 2050 Pathways Platform 

CEO, European Climate Foundation 

5 Rue Saint Fiacre

75002 Paris 



Dear Ms. Tubiana, 


We hereby would like to express the intention of [name of country] to join the 2050 Pathways Platform. Along with other members of the Platform, we believe it is essential for governments to elaborate long-term low emissions development strategies that reflect the global objectives of the Paris Agreement together with the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Building long-term strategies to a decarbonized and more equitable society will help identify critical near- and medium-term milestones and policy steps to avoid dangerous carbon lock-in, and create common expectations among our stakeholders, a prerequisite for robust and sustainable strategies. It will also align our near-term ambition with the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement. 

As a member of the 2050 Pathways Platform, we look forward to sharing lessons from the development of our long-term strategy with other Platform members. We would like to designate [name of person, email address] as the focal point for the 2050 Pathways Platform. 


Yours sincerely, 








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